Stay Fit During the Holidays!

Did you know that the average person gains 1-7 lbs. during the Holidays? Not to mention, the ugly belly fat that goes along with it L

Here’s more bad news…

Even if you’re one of those lucky people that only gain a pound or two, statistically, the chances of you dropping the weight after the Holidays is VERY low. This means that over the years, you can gain a considerable amount of weight!

So why do we gain weight in the first place? Actually, there is name for this…


With Thanksgiving only a week away and then closely followed by Christmas and New Year. We are bombarded by opportunities to overeat, drink and have a plethora of desserts, pastries, cookies and cake!

Combine this with the financial and work stress of the Holidays and you have a recipe for disaster when it comes to your fitness goals.

To help you stay on track, here are 3.5 Steps to help you Stay Fit During the Holidays:

GoFi Step 1: PLAN AHEAD: NEVER go to a party hungry! Eat a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables right before heading out.

GoFi Step 2: FILL UP ON PROTEIN AND FIBER: Lean meats and veggies are the way to go. Stay away from “cream” salad dressings and fatty meats such as filet mignon or pork.

GoFi Step 3: BEWARE MOCHA: According to Diet Busters, the No. 1 holiday drink at Starbucks in November and December is the peppermint mocha. A regular 16-ounce serving with all the trimmings comes to 470 calories and 22 grams of fat (including 13 grams of saturated fat). But the news isn’t all bad for Starbucks fans: Make it a 12-ounce peppermint mocha and order it with nonfat milk and no whipped cream, and you’re down to 220 calories and 2 grams of fat (none of which are saturated).

Now I am NOT telling you to not have the Mocha, but do you really need one 3 times a day—just saying?

GoFI Step 4: LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL:  I don’t have to tell you that alcohol is empty calories. But beware high-fat drinks such as egg nog.

GoFi Step 5: UP YOUR GAMEL It’s the holidays! You are going to be hitting office parties and family get-togethers. There will be food, alcohol, and desserts. Be preemptive! Hit your GoForIt Kickboxing Class daily! We understand you need extra cardio during this time of the year to burn off the calories and we’ve tailored the class to fit that need.

Can’t make class?

No worries—Do your 4 Exercise Warm-Up Pyramid on your off days. Just in case, here it is. Start off with 2 reps, then four, then six until you hit 10 then proceed to go down 8-6-4-2. Exercises are as follows:

Ex 1 Jumping Jacks

Ex 2: Squats

Ex 3: Push Ups

Ex 4: Alternating Lunges

Strive to do this in under 3 minutes. That’s right 3 minutes, for a total of 200 Reps! This will jumpstart your metabolism and gets you burning calories!

GoFi Step 5.5: DON’T FIGHT CRAVINGS: Now, remember that if you’re good 75% of the time you can be “bad” 25% of the time. Now this is NOT a get out of fitness ”jail” free card…don’t go crazy but also don’t fight your cravings—satisfy them. You’ve traveled home for the holidays and Mom is making your favorite meal—by all means, enjoy! If you’re going to have everything at the table…eat smaller portions!

You’re now armed with the arsenal you’ll need to stay on course this Holiday Season.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Team GoForIt

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