How To Hit Your Fitness Goals…

All the time.

At GoForitKickboxing we teach our clients that…

Goals We Set Are Goals We Get!

Most clients come to us with vague goals (if any at all)—They know that they need and want to lose weight but are not sure how much weight needs to come off in order to be fit and more importantly, HEALTHY!

Other clients prefer to keep themselves in the dark, and don’t want to know how much they weigh and won’t get on a scale. The problem here is if we can’t measure it—we CAN’T manage it.

This all boils down to one thing…A lack of clearly defined goals.
Attainment of a goal is the progressive realization of worthwhile idea.
Health, Fitness, Increased Energy, Community and Activity are ALL worthwhile ideas.

So, we’ve compiled the following cheat sheet to help you get to where you want to be

4.5 Steps to Help YOU Hit Your Fitness Goals

GoForit Step 1: Write it Down!
Having a vague or non-existing goal can be likened to trying to hit a bullseye you don’t have—Can’t do it. By writing it down, your goal now enters your subconscious and becomes top of mind. Write a clearly defined goal and write it in the present tense as if it already happened. Here’s an example… “I dropped 50 lbs and weigh 130 lbs!”

GoForit Step 2: Set an End Date!
To accomplish your goal, you must set an end date. Once again write it as if it already happened. Example….”It’s January 1st, 2017– I dropped 50 lbs and weigh 130 lbs!”

GoForit Step 3: Know your “Why!”
Your “Why!” is your desire—the reason you want to drop the weight. Desire is like a fire. If you want BIG heat, you need a big fire. You need a BIG desire that’s going to get and keep you excited about hitting your goal day in and out. Revisit your “Why!” DAILY!

GoForIt Step 4: Keep It Reasonably Aggressive!
We Americans love our fast food fast and want our weight loss FASTER! If you set a goal to drop 50lbs in a month, you’re more than likely in for a BIG disappointment. Keep your goal reasonably aggressive. If you gained 50 lbs over the past year or two, don’t expect to drop it in a month.  Set a reasonably aggressive goal to lose 50 lbs over the next 5-6 months. This is the healthy way to drop weight and more importantly…KEEP IT OFF!

GoForIt Step 4.5: Never Give Up!
There is no failure until you quit—NEVER GIVE UP—NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!
Remember… Goals you set REALLY are goals you get!

See you in class!


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