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Stay Fit During the Holidays!

Did you know that the average person gains 1-7 lbs. during the Holidays? Not to mention, the ugly belly fat that goes along with it L Here’s more bad news… Even if you’re one of those lucky people that only gain a pound or two, statistically, the chances of you dropping the weight after the […]

How To Hit Your Fitness Goals…

All the time. Everyday. Always. At GoForitKickboxing we teach our clients that… Goals We Set Are Goals We Get! Most clients come to us with vague goals (if any at all)—They know that they need and want to lose weight but are not sure how much weight needs to come off in order to be […]

The Benefits Of Kickboxing

What do you know about Kickboxing? Is it something that you saw once on the big or small screen? Did you catch yourself saying “Ouch!” or “That’s gotta hurt!” Or maybe even, “Do people do that willingly??” Odds are that everyone has said one of these things at one point or another, but somehow you’ve […]